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Why we use Bamboo?

Bamboo is a great looking and exceptionally strong material that has dense fibres and superior resilience. Although bamboo looks like wood, it’s actually a different plant classification called a gramineae. Its tensile strength is up to 15% greater than Canadian maple, which is the material that most skateboards are currently made from.  Once the bamboo is treated, it can be made into uniformly high quality veneers that provide superb performance. These are glued together to make superior decks offering better-than-maple pop, much greater resistance to snapping and razor tail, and significantly longer life.
Canadian maple trees take at least 50 years to grow, and skateboard manufacture is the major cause of maple deforestation in Canada. On the other hand, bamboo plants can grow to full maturity in just five years, AND it improves the land in which it grows by preventing soil erosion. Bamboo also traps four times as much of the greenhouse gas, carbon dioxide as maple, and emits more oxygen. In short, bamboo is better for skaters and MUCH better for the environment.

Cirus Street

About our boards

We have combined traditional skateboard design with the very best in cutting-edge material science to create board that finally brings skateboarding into the 21st century.
Our slogan is “You break first”. Slogans are fine, but what does that actually mean? Well, all Cirus skateboards are designed not to break during normal, everyday use.* They have outstanding durability against abrasion, which means that they fight against razor tail. They also have superb tensile strength, which makes it far harder to snap them. The dense material and cross-laid plies also means that the decks resist pressure cracks forming and spreading from the bolt holes.
Our unique decks are the result of years of skateboard experience and design, combined with a detailed understanding of the way that all of the raw materials perform and interact. Everything, including the specific species of bamboo, the type of veneer, the glue used to bond the layers, and the carbon used for the inserts (in the ProCarbon models), is precisely chosen and calibrated so that NOTHING is left to chance. And our hand-finished manufacturing standards are no less exacting, ensuring that our boards truly are the perfect unification of science and nature.
We don’t farm out our manufacturing to a mass production plant in China where thousands of decks are pumped out by disinterested labourers working for minimum wage. Our raw materials go through a strict three-step selection process and our craftsmen carefully assemble the layers by hand to assure the optimum quality of each deck.
Our deck shapes are as unique as our design, and whilst each deck is cut and pressed to exacting tolerances to provide the perfect amount of curvature for a consistently exhilarating ride, our hand finishing ensures that each deck is as unique as your finger print.
Finally, because we are proud of the love and care we put into each and every deck, we burn our Cirus logo into each one by hand, making it clear to the whole world that we stand by our brand!
*Street, skatepark usage

The Cirus street skateboards (Pro8, ProCarbon,ProCarbon+) offer the ultimate in durability and performance for the all round park and flatland skater!

ProCarbon consists of 7 plies of bamboo veneer reinforced with carbon inserts.
The bamboo gives it pop and durability, whilst the carbon gives it strength.
Its exceptional durability embodies our slogan, “You break first”.


Cirus ProCarbon Freestyle

The Freestyle has all the benefits, all the love, all the durability, and all the great features that make the ProCarbon such a superb product, but the shape is subtly refined for freestyle and trick skating. If you want to be the next Rodney Mullen this is the board for you!

2 differnt shapes are available, named by our pro Freestyle skaters. Freestyle M (Marius Constantin), and Freestyle Z (Zoltán Tűri)


Cirus Cruiser

Our cruiser board is not so much a mere skateboard, as it is a work of art!
Whilst it is designed with the same carefully selected materials and the exacting attention to detail as the ProCarbon, because you will not be jumping on it, or leaping down stairs on this board, it does not require the additional carbon layers that enable those decks to resist such abuse.
The Cruiser board shapes nod back to the surfboards that inspired skateboarding in the 1940s and 50s, but there is a fresh new look to their lines and curves that marks this range as a product of the 21st century!
The Cruiser family of decks comes in a range of sizes and styles so that you can choose one that perfectly reflects your personality: chilled and laid back, fresh and innovative, or something completely unique.
And if that wasn’t enough, you can further customise your Cruiser with your own graphics. Simply send us your high resolution digital design**, and in just two weeks we will print it onto your deck using vibrant, long lasting, fade-proof ink.


Cirus Longboards

Our standard longboards are constructed using 7 plies of bamboo for stability and durability, but if you prefer a lighter more flexible board for pumping, we also offer a 5 ply model.
As with our Cruiser decks, the strength (and cost) of carbon inserts is not required. Additionally, the “W” concave which runs down the longitudinal axis, ensures that our stylish decks can deal with anything that you can throw at them.
Our NEGRIL “Varthog” has been precisely designed for optimal riding performance. Its low centre of gravity, low nose, and higher tail ensures a comfortable ride even at the highest of speeds. Whilst this innovative design is unique, the very first time you step onto it, it will feel as natural and balanced as if you were born to ride this board!
Whether you are buying a unique gift for someone else, or you simply want to personalise your own deck, you can customise your Cirus longboard with your own graphics. Simply send us your high resolution digital design, and in just two weeks we will print it onto your deck using vibrant, long lasting, fade-proof ink.



Complete decks are available

Street: - Cirus Pro8/ProCarbon/ProCarbon+

           - Truck: Independent 139/149 mm

           - Bearing: Independent

           - Wheel: Ricta 53mm

           - Griptape

Freestyle: - Cirus Feestyle M/Z

               - Truck: Tracker RT-S 106 mm

               - Bearing: Enuff/Independent

               - Wheel: Seismic Focus 55mm - 97A

               - Griptape

Cruiser: - Cirus Abbey/Strip/La Rambla/Lombard

             - Truck: Tracker Midtrack 85/Dart 129/Dart 149 mm

             - Bearing: Enuff (ABEC 7)

             - Wheel

             - Griptape v. Surface treated

Longboard: - Cirus Anse Victorin/Natadola/Negril/Noordhoek

              - Truck: Tracker Fastrack 180 mm

              - Bearing: Enuff/Independent

              - Wheel: Bustin 75 mm Boca Longboard

              - Griptape v. Surface treated