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The Cirus brand was founded in 2008 by Dániel Bolvári with the aim of providing his customers with locally produced, affordable, high-quality skateboards.

Initially, in the form of subcontracted production, using our own press templates, we had to admit that this solution was too vulnerable in terms of quality and delivery time. Maintaining consistently high quality, short production times and flexibility in responding to individual customers requires that all production processes are in-house. It’s only a matter of time before the graphics work, which is the most limiting part of the production process, will also be produced independently. This means that our production process for a new brand or design is a matter of hours and days instead of months to produce a prototype/final product.

Our main goal as a manufacturer is to serve end users directly, offering them a better price and high quality.
We also do contract manufacturing for different brands, especially for smaller, special needs and products at affordable prices. Our big advantage is that with a minimum order quantity, there is no limitation on the size and composition of the graphics. This means that the buyer does not have to invest large amounts in his stock.

Previously, we were represented on the market with our bamboo skateboard boards, but based on market and professional skateboarders’ demands, we switched to Canadian maple for street and freestyle boards.
Currently we have street, freestyle and cruiser boards, complete skateboards to compete in a strong supply field.


Our skateboards are manufactured in-house, for professional use, in excellent quality.

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Complete skateboards

Professional skateboard boards and high quality parts together are better value for money. Assembled, ready to use!

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For high quality skateboard boards, we offer only high quality parts for all skill levels.

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What is contract manufacturing?

Between 80 and 90% of the brands on the market are made to order. Boards made in Chinese factories already make up a growing proportion of these boards, which show a huge variation in quality. Our favourite multi-brand sports stores source their cheap skateboards from here, designed to last for a short time while the child rolls 2-3 times. We call this potential waste.

Major European and American manufacturers produce dozens of well-known and less well-known brands. Their aim is mass production, as they move huge quantities of material per day (5-10 000 sheets/day). This allows them to keep the unit price of the sheets low, but the buyer has to compromise by buying in bulk, with minimum quantities tied to size.

In recent years, there has been a trend for European brands to try to source more and more of their supplies from Europe. The cost of overseas deliveries has skyrocketed, due to container shortages and energy prices. And delivery times have increased to 6-12 months.

Cirus aims to serve European customers, whether end-user or contract manufacturer, but not at any price. We don’t want to compete with the prices of the giant factories just to tire you out, but we do want to compete with quality and delivery times. We like to meet individual, special needs, to develop. More and more marketing companies are using skateboards as a marketing tool, but they can also be found as a surface for artworks and as an object for auctions.


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