Cirus Skateboards is a skater-owned manufacturer based in Hungary, right in the heart of Europe. Our skateboard decks are primarily made from bamboo, rather than maple. Bamboo is longer lasting, provides greater pop than maple, and it’s environmentally friendly. Although we manufacture a range of boards, every single deck is hand finished. This attention to detail ensures that you only ride the very best, and adds value to each and every board. Here at Cirus Skateboard we are passionate about skating, and making great decks is more than just a job to us: it’s a vocation. Because we care so much about your skating experience, we only bring the very best quality products to market.

We are not afraid to try out innovative new ideas, (such as using bamboo and carbon composites in our pro deck), but our boards only reach you after a long period of riding and testing, so you can be certain that the decks you ride are the VERY BEST available… ANYWHERE! Here are the factors that go into making the perfect Cirus skateboard: Meticulous selection of high grade raw materials Superior quality adhesive Precise manufacturing technology Constant quality control Many years of skate and manufacturing experience But above all, passion! Because we are only happy when we are making the very best skateboards that money can buy! When you’re happy, we’re happy!

strict material selection

high quality glue

precise manufacturing technology

many years of experience

continuous quality control


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